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Praise to Jamaica the land of my birth,
A land that has given me all of my worth.
Praise to that land of wood and water
That has produced great sons and daughters.

Her scenery is sure among the best
With lush cane fields and beaches fair,
With wterfalls and rivers and plains,
With great people who always care.

There are tropical fruits and birds galore,,
And sunshine the fairest on earth,
All the many niceties that grace our shore,
Have given the people a sense of self worth.

Her flag of black and green and gold,
Oh! what beauty to behold,
Her motto out of many one
Makes my country a unique land.

Praise to Jamaica the land I adore,
Praise to Jamaica I ask not for more,
For with all she has to offer, and all she is worth,
I can say with pride,
Jamaica you are the fairest on earth.

by Nalda Taylor-Wright

A certified teacher of the St. Joseph's Teachers' college in Kingston. For information on how to obtain more of her work contact Creative Links publishers at

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