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'Gi Mi Peace'

Written by Nalda Taylor-Wright

Gi mi peace, dash weh war
Gi mi peace dash weh war,
Di school dem tired a di nuff fuss-fuss
School pickney fi lef out dem cus-cus

Look pon di bwoy a carry knife guh a school
Yuh nuh tink she dat deh bwoy mus fool-fool
An yuh big bwoy, nuh carry no gone
Yuh nean she a criminal yuh a plan fi tun?

An wen yuh fight an tear up di book,
An wen yuh use di pencil fi juk,
Yuh nuh know she father deh a top a look?
Mi she wen yuh hide an run out a class
Man yuh a behave like yuh a jackass
A exam yuh guh a school fi pass

Yuh teacher a nuh yuh enemy, hem a yuh fren
Keep yuh cool have manners to dem
Wedda yuh name a Anne or yuh name a Ken.

Yuh come a school fi shine in a yuh book
Yuh nuh guh deh fi guh talk bout "suck"
Den deh wud man full a grime and muck.
Yuh musse tink fi pass ecam a jus good luck,
Continue like dat an yuh soon get stuck.

Love evey bady a suh God she wi fi live,
Nuh wait fi get before yuh give,
An teck in yuh lesson, yuh head a nuh sieve.
What happen to excuse, tank you an please,
Yuh tink mi a joke or a tease me a tease?
Fi have good manners it easy like cheese.

So fi Heaven sake pon dis peace day
decide dat fram mow on a peace all di way,
Badmanship an indescipline jus nuh pay
Many try dat an beneat dem lay,
Pickney, oonu listen to di peace rhythm a play,
While dere is sunshine yuh betta meck hay,
Gi mi peace, dash we war. (rept.)